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7 Ways your Business can Upscale through Digital Marketing

Updated: Feb 5

Digital Strategies allow businesses to acquire key customer information. They can further utilize this customer data to take effective decisions. Businesses are able to examine customers' online behaviour and identify where they spend their time. Choosing an effective digital strategy also depends on your budget.

When choosing a digital marketing strategy for your business, don't be afraid to test a few different methods. Analyze your client base's results to see what works and what doesn't, and make sure you’re gaining a positive return on investment (ROI). While some marketing strategies are difficult to measure, you should be consistent with the methods you use to measure them.

Here’s a breakdown of the digital strategies used by businesses to deliver success :

Sr. No.



Establishing and maintaining an Online Presence


Paying attention to and answering Customer Feedback


Leveraging Influencer Marketing


Designing personalized Email Marketing campaigns


Leveraging Storytelling


Attending or hosting Digital Events


Utilising Marketing Automation

Establishing and maintaining an Online Presence

In today's world, more customers than ever are shopping on the Internet. If you don't have an online presence or your online content is stale, they won't even know that you exist. An effective website must at a minimum have modern features and be visible on relevant social media sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Businesses that interact with followers and frequently post brand-related content are most successful at converting users into growth. A good rule of thumb is to indicate your presence by posting some responses daily.

Paying attention to and answering Customer Feedback

In today's marketplace, customers put a lot of stock in the online feedback they receive from other customers and pay attention to how and if you respond to them. You shouldn't ignore feedback due to daily crises or personal emotions. Scaling your business this way could be the least expensive option.

You can prevent spurious negative reviews by asking every customer for a positive review so that any negatives will become lost in a sea of positives. This helps ensure that negative reviews don't stand out.

Leveraging Influencer Marketing

You can use advocates to use their social media and connections to assist you to gain more customers. An influencer is a pseudo-celebrity or an expert who picks products or starts new trends. Influencers should also be resources you can reach out to for support and assistance in a proactive manner.

With the rapid growth of influencer marketing, brands that employ influencers are turning to influencer tracking systems to monitor conversions. It’s also important to find relevant influencers to your business before using them.

Designing personalized Email Marketing campaigns

These days, customers prefer a human connection with a brand. Whereas chatbots enable instant interaction with customers, they also need to be supported by personalized email communications to develop a more personal interaction. Email Marketing is one of the best digital strategies for customer acquisition and retention.

Personalized emails have an important role in creating a bond with your customers. This can also play a decisive role in customers purchasing your product.

Leveraging Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the most effective strategies to increase conversions. Although storytelling is an ancient old technique, it's just as relevant now as ever. There’s no rocket science behind the effectiveness of stories. As human beings we love stories; they’re in our psychology and we can often relate to them. Embedding storytelling in your marketing strategy provides you with an effective tool to skyrocket your sales.

Content marketing is the most appropriate place to embed stories. You can create stories to help your customers in making their purchase decisions. It’s also important to make sure your stories involve problems and illustrate how your products and services provide the solution to these.

Attending or hosting Digital Events

Digital events have been gaining popularity in recent years. Organisations utilise podcasts, online conferences, and webinars to generate leads. Additionally, these online events allow brands to learn more about their audiences and promote them directly.

Participating in online events is also a great way of gathering useful information regarding your customers through feedback surveys and polls.

Utilising Marketing Automation

Automation provides an opportunity to streamline several business operations. Small businesses should automate their marketing procedures to save time and increase employee productivity.

Several effective automation technologies are available for email marketing, lead scoring and nurturing, systematic content posting, and social media management. Automation also helps increase customer conversion rates.

Need Help To Develop effective Digital Marketing Strategies That Deliver For Your Business?

In the age of digital communications, organic business growth is not enough to remain competitive in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Businesses also need to utilise digital channels to thrive in today's world. It’s essential for your small-scale business to have an online presence; otherwise, you are digitally non-existent. Because an increasing number of your customers are found online, that’s where your business should also be.

Utilising digital marketing strategies maximises your chances of customer acquisition and retention. The Digital world is rapidly changing, so it’s crucial for businesses to be able to adapt accordingly by keeping an eye on new trends, news, and technological updates and analysing their competitors.

At Make Me Brand, we help small businesses to upscale their business and deliver a return on their investment with effective digital strategies which maximize your business potential.


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