• Parth Savani

How to Grow your Business on Pinterest?

Updated: Aug 5

Pinterest is one of such platforms which helps you in sharing images, DIY projects, videos, animated GIFs in a spectrum of various genre, keeping in mind the various interests, tastes, preferences of the users.

This platform enables an individual to depict the the creativity in them and also the people viewing those images, they can pin their interest, which literally means that they can save or download the images, videos, DIY, etc. There are options of making boards of interest on the application itself.

According to the reports, there are more women users of Pinterest than any other gender. Content on various genre such as Fashion, Interior Styling, Motivational Quotes, Travel and Tourism, Styling, etc are available and an individual could opt according to their preference.

One can grow and flourish its interest on Pinterest by undertaking the following points and steps into consideration.

First step First, Open Social Media Accounts where your target audience is. Keep in mind, only open the accounts that you are going to manage.

Refrain yourself from creating an account which you don't have a plan to operate for a longer period of time.

For Example, this is our Make Me Brand, which has a social media account on Pinterest, since the beginning we wanted to grow our audience reach on this platform, and for the same we had waited a long time to reach the exposure that it has today.

As best digital marketing agency we wanted to reach thousands of people who are looking for exceptional design experience.

Over the years, we have kept on improving our content and maintained our strategy.

Currently, we've reached 500K to 2 Million of unique viewership on our account having around 1500 pins of our design's work.

Here is in short notes 📓

  • Define your audience

  • Find your brand voice

  • Design Strategy of branding

  • Keep consistency

  • Learn and apply new market trends

  • Check progress

  • See the best results!


As of now in the year of 2022 average monthly views we get is around 1 to 1.4 Millions. Had published around 2000 of total pins.