• Parth Savani

Theme based Festival Greetings Design

Updated: Aug 4

Do we all like abstract things? No, right. According to studies more than a major percentage of the population like to see symmetrical things. Also, when consistency in things is maintained, the end-user could readily distinguish the work. Hence, a theme-based work provides many things besides just being distinguishable and consistent.

Here, the work of creative festive greetings has been done for a Real Estate Developer based in Surat, Gujarat. The clients do not demand any particular type of greeting, but they can freely do it, as we are here to provide the best things for them.

According to all the algorithms required on social media platforms, as a Content Creator, Digital Marketer, and Social Media handler we are quite aware of the algorithm that would undoubtedly work for the pages. Hence, a theme-based functionality provides much more congruous results.

The consistency alongside uniformity and regularity is reflected in all the creatives here, hence to have a proper algorithm maintained, a theme has to be followed and considered.

Here is just a snippet of the work done by Make Me Brand, Surat, Gujarat that wholly hails the work of Digital Media Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

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