• Parth Savani

Which Social Media Platform should you use and why?

Updated: Jul 29

An Insight into Social Media

Social Media is the most rapidly growing platform around the globe, there barely is a human who is unaware of the term Social Media and its trends. These platforms work differently for various types of users and audiences, hence the content which is being displayed needs to be in accordance with the type of end-users choices, preferences, tastes, etc. It is highly indispensable to know the behavior of the end-users, which is to say that it should clearly be known which age group's audience you are targeting, once that is clearly defined you can then use the accurate Social Media Platform and watch it work wonders for your business.

It is cent percent possible that you might have content to display and you will also have various platforms through which you can reach a mass of people and manifest your content. But, is it mindfully right to display any and/or every content on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest? No, right? This is because every platform has various age group's people, different demographics, psychographics, Geographic factors using these platforms.

It is not that these platforms will not give access and will not allow you to post anything that you desire, you can post anything and everything that you want, the only thing is, that you will not get the engagement that you are desiring for, which ultimately is of no use. Social Media is that Media through which it is easy to connect to a mass of people at a cheaper cost, with more reliable results.

As stated earlier, every platform has various age grouped people using these platforms, hence it is of grave importance for everyone who wishes to display content on these platforms, that they fully consider and contemplate the type of viewers each of these platforms holds.

Let's go on a ride of a few Social Media platforms that could be considered for your Brand

Facebook: When, Why and How to Use

Among whom is Facebook most popular?

Unquestionably, Facebook is the World's most known and used Social Media Platform. Over a period of time, the teens and young adults have undertaken the use of alternative platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. But, Facebook is still trending amongst the people of age group above 30 years.

What steps are to be considered to grow on Facebook?

Hence, if your content is mainly for the above said group it could be displayed here on Facebook in form of an attractive image, engaging Short or Long Video, with a Dramatic and Impressive Title to the image and/or video.

Hence, prioritizing Facebook would work wonders if your targeted audience is above 30 years.

The Popular Platform: Instagram

Who mostly uses Instagram?

Instagram, the hub of Social Media Influencers, has an audience targeting the teens and young adults, it is a home to influencers, bloggers, content creators, tutorial builders, DIY ideas, etc.

What has Instagram got to offer?

It provides an user with various features such as Editing Images, Posting Video (long-Short), Direct Message, Location Tagging, Group Chatrooms, a wide range of filters, etc.

For whom is this platform the best?

One needs to have a deep insight of the product/service details that he will manifest, and also should financially, economically, and socially be strong enough to carry the efforts that are required.

And after this, if your content is for this division of people, then without a doubt, Instagram is your go to spot for marketing and advertising to engage traffic and attract viewers.

Videos' Hub: YouTube

YouTube, a video-based content platform, is one of the world's most used medias. It holds videos ranging from DIY, Usage, and Unboxing of a Product Tutorial, Comparisons, Food/Fashion/Travel Vlogs, Conceptual Learning to Automobile Insights, and much more.

Ace YouTube, know-how.

To keep the audience engaged and to maintain the traffic, a few steps have to be considered and undertaken;

- Maintain the Quality of Video;

- Regularity is Mandatory;

- Use Appealing Language;

- Create Creative and Eye-catchy Thumbnail;

- Select an alluring Title to draw the attention of the people.

Should you consider all the above information and put efforts, YouTube would perform miracles for you.

Tweet, Tweet...Twitter

If your content is in a written format and could entice a number of people and readers, then Twitter is the best option you could opt for. This platform helps in laying good communication in real-time and with a large mass of people. Twitter has been famous for a long time, it provides various options such as posting photos, meta-data through tweets, tweets and re-tweets, tweet threading, etc. It is the only platform that helps in reaching a mass of people through words, it is basically used by people in power such as Politicians, Celebrities, other Popular People, etc.

Hence, this is a platform of communication through words over the Internet in Real-Time

Link up with people through LinkedIn

LinkedIn: An Insight

It is an efficient tool that allows an individual to strengthen their network through building up relationships between customers/clients and business/consultancies/agencies. Not only this, but also it helps in building a strong network among freelancers, small and big businesses, telecommuters, etc., and hence, is one of the most used Social Media Platforms by Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Agencies, Consultancies.

Also, this platform provides an option of recruitment, where it becomes easy for people who are seeking job opportunities and for the people who wish to recruit employees.

This Platform basically targets businesses and helps them to grow globally by making connections stronger and deeper.

Hence, to grow business and to make an online presence, no other option would be as great as LinkedIn.

Pin your interest with Pinterest

Pinterest is one of such platforms which helps you in sharing images, DIY projects, videos, animated GIFs in a spectrum of various genres, keeping in mind the various interests, tastes, preferences, choices, demands, etc of the users.

This platform enables an individual to depict the creativity in them and also the people viewing those images, can pin their interest, which literally means that they can save or download the images, videos, DIY, etc. There are options of making boards of interest on the application itself.

According to the reports, there are more women users of Pinterest than any other gender. Content on the various genres such as Fashion, Interior Styling, Motivational Quotes, Travel and Tourism, Styling, etc are available and an individual could opt according to their preference. Here, the content is linked with the main blogs, which takes you to a wide range of varieties that you are interested in.

One can grow and flourish its interest in Pinterest by undertaking the following points and steps into consideration.

-Define your audience

-Find your brand voice

-Design Strategy of branding

-Keep consistency

-Learn and apply new market trends

-Check progress

Boom, witness the great results on your own!

We hope this helped you to get a better idea and a deeper insight of what Social Media is and how would it help you to grow your business through these platforms.
Should you yet be confused, allow Make Me Brand to guide you throughout the process to ace the Online Presence.