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Why do most businesses fail to go digitalized?

Updated: Feb 5

First of all, if your business needs only a digital presence i.e online store or service provider can build a brand only through social media marketing or else if your brand needs to have a physical/visual presence i.e shopping store, office or showroom it needs to spend on physical presence. Still, along with it if the brand has a digital presence it can reach more people and can result in brand awareness that leads to a rise in footfall at the store.

Though you spent money on both the present it's hard in this competitive market to create a unique presence that people can remember, that's when strategically planned social media marketing comes into role.

If you notice in the present market there are hundreds of freelancers and small-scale agencies working hard to create graphic designs and marketing services but very few of them have real tests and strategies that a business really needs.

In India, people have started growing digitally in the last 5-10 years. They haven't adopted/integrated it into their business operation, that's why currently small business owners haven't really created any parameters for measuring a compelling presence.

On the other hand, western countries had adopted this for many decades and grown worldwide using those platforms. Thereby they know what are the fundamentals of building a brand online and what should be taken care of well before jumping directly into the market.

On asking a layman in India about digital marketing you'd hear the answer that "making a website and blogs also posting photos over Facebook and Instagram and increasing followers, that's all."

When there is a lot of competition and people are so price-conscious they focus on results/leads that's why in India most business relies on lead generation campaigns. They don't want to spend on creating a beautiful presence and online community and engagement.

All they need is the cheapest cost of generating a contact list of people who are looking for something that they sell. That's where business does their first mistake!

Without knowing much about product/manufacturer/service/reviews how could a person take the decision of buying a product/service? Even if he/she agrees they would negotiate with the business as the business had taken the first action to reach the customer.

Now the business has to make things possible to serve that 1 lead that came in to decision out of 10 leads that were delivered by the ad campaign.

Here is the practical difference between what people are looking for and what they are doing in real life:

  • Creating a lead generation campaign is easy to get a list of potential customers.

  • Creating great feeds and building engagement across the community is hard.

  • It's easy to find people who are looking for cheaper services/products.

  • It's hard to convince people to pay extra for the brand experience they'll get.

  • It's easy to sell low-price products using lead campaigns.

  • It's not possible to sell high-end price products through the lead campaign.

  • Generating new ideas for making your content more valuable to followers is hard.

  • Relying on a single campaign and modifying it for a new audience is easy.

Let us come to understand what should be done to build a presence that will work not only for today but for tomorrow and a lifetime.


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