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Card Design

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Effective Invite can create a good buzz about your event or gathering even before starting the event, We try to help you make it more impactful and more personalized for you. 


Promote your sale when you make sale invitations with our professional-quality design templates and our free online invitation card maker. Online invitation printing services let you showcase your sales events, products, and services.


Choose from a range of shapes, edge finishes, themes, fonts, and styles to get an attention-getting invitation that accentuates your brand. Personalize one of our templates or start with a blank sale invitation template. If you already have a design ready to go or just need a price quote, visit our invitation card product page for more information. Create your own sale invitations today!


It’s fast and easy to create your own custom letterhead with one of our professionally-designed letterhead design templates. Simply pick a colour scheme and design style to match your business, then use our free design tool to add your own images, logo, and custom text – whatever you want! Your letterhead is printed on premium-quality paper stock with vibrant soy-based inks to lend a premium appearance to your brand. Check out our general letterhead plus industry-specific health and beauty, nonprofit, and arts and entertainment letterhead templates. Make sure your brand gets noticed with custom letterhead! If your letterhead design is ready to go or you just need a price quote, visit our letterhead product page.


If you love decorative paper, selling invitations online can be a promising business idea for you. Among several invitations, wedding invitations come on top in terms of demand. So, you can start by selling wedding invitations online to attract a huge customer base. Later on, you can expand your invitation retailing to various other types of invitations too.

A digital wedding invitation includes creating attractive wedding cards. It doesn’t always imply designing invitation cards but also animating them to make them engaging and appealing.


Have a look at the advantages this type of invitation provides.

– There is minimal risk of loss involved in digital invitations.

– There is no need to invest any money for registration as a digital card designer. This saves your high initial setup cost.

– There is not much labour required as you can cater to a limited number of clients at the same time. This way, you can work efficiently at a minimum cost.

– There is the least risk in this business idea. As you can drop out any time you want without fearing huge financial losses.


If you have decided to go for digital invitation retailing, remember a few important things to consider.


– Even in digital invitations, you should take note of all the sizes you can print digital invitations in and guide customers well in every aspect.

– Keep researching about additional services you can offer alongside to expand your outreach. For instance, you can offer bridal shower invitations, baby shower invitations, etc.

– Guide customers on how they can design invitations by themselves. You can also take custom demands from them and design invitations accordingly.


You can let customers design their cards by integrating Card Design Software on your website.

Unlike digital invitation designing and retailing, full-service printing involves offering customers a physical, in-hand service of the invitations.


If you think you have a good capital reserve to invest in, you can also go for a full-service invitation retail business. For that, you would also require a physical location besides a store to sell invitations online. You may also need an in-house design team and some necessary infrastructure and equipment including:

– A spacious workshop where you can place all your machines and equipment.

– A quality coloured inkjet printer for better results

– Paper stock

– Cartridges, and more.

One thing worth noting here is this.

Before you invest money, focus on the level of your business plan. Ask yourself first whether you want to sell invitations online as a hobby or full-time.


In the former case, you can go for a start-up level business based at home. However, if you wish to start a full-fledged business, you may need a workshop-based business.

Our strategies include;


Pick a Niche

In every business plan, a proper strategy plays a crucial role. You should invest wisely in picking a niche style.

There are several types of wedding invites.

Here are a few renowned invitation printing processes you should know about to serve customers better.



It is basically a raised printing type. It employs heat to raise the words above the paper and makes it look elegant.



Embossing and debossing are two ways to make the text look raised or depressed respectively. When you raise a logo or design to give the impression of a 3D graphic, it is embossing. On the contrary, when you create an indent in the material you are printing on, it is debossing. Both are in high demand among customers nowadays.


Metallic Foils

Metallic foils give a high-end look to cards and make them stand out. People look for such cards for events like baby showers and bridal showers also.



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